One of the worst ways to start your day is running frantically around the house trying to find your car keys. We have all been there before, you have to be at an important meeting, you have a kids football match to get to, or you are meeting with friends. But you cannot find your car keys anywhere. The most annoying part of it is, you simply cannot for the life of you remember where you put them. Here at Kent Car Keys we understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t find your car keys, so we have gathered together a few helpful tips for when you do lose them.

How To Find Lost Car Keys?

First things first, do not panic! Panicking will only make you more stressed and more likely to miss places they could be. We know this is much easier said than done, but we all know it is the right thing to do, keep calm. Getting angry and stressed out about the situation isn’t going to help you find your keys any faster, so we recommend trying to keep your mind focused and clear. 

Once you have searched all the ‘usual’ places, try the more unusual. More often than not if we have lost our car keys from the night before whether it be coming home from a hectic day at work or a night out, we may put them somewhere random. Search every last nook and cranny they could be hidden in, the most common one the front door! 

Once you have established for certain that the car keys are not within your home, you need to start thinking about other places you could have lost them. Ask yourself, where did I leave my car keys? Sometimes backtracking your steps from the previous day or whenever you last had your car keys will help you remember, your brain is a wonderful thing and it might hand you an image of them sitting on a chair at work. Or it might also start recreating previous experiences when you have lost your car keys, it is important you keep this in mind when retracing your previous steps.

Sadly once you have reached the conclusion that the lost car keys are nowhere to be found, you have to start thinking of different ways you can gain access to your car. If you have a spare car key, great! If you don’t there are a handful of options available to you.

How To Get Replacement Keys

Our team at Kent Car Keys have learnt over the years having a spare car key is always a must, it means when you do lose your car keys you don’t need to sort a replacement out immediately. Although this is advised as soon as your start using your spare as a day to the day car key. Along with having a spare, we would recommend a few options. 

  • Insurance: Find out whether or not you are covered on your insurance policy, some of the different UK based insurance companies offer fully comprehensive drivers a car key cover. This is a good option for those that have this type of cover, although it is not usually available to drivers who are insured by a third party, fire and theft. The downside to this option is that it can be costly depending on your excess, can take a long time and can also affect your no claims.
  • Car Dealer: One of the other options we can suggest is getting in touch with the manufacturer or dealership of your model car. For example, if your car is a Ford, getting in touch with a Ford dealership will almost certainly be fruitful in getting a new car key replacement for your lost car keys. Again there are downsides to this approach, more often than not car dealers use locksmiths to do the work, so you will end up paying more money for a replacement car key than if you just went directly to a locksmith, and it is more than likely going to be a slow process. The dealership has to verify you own the car, to do this you need to produce a V5, which unless you know where it is, it can be another missing thing to add to the list. 

Locksmiths: A reputable locksmith is more than capable of helping you when you have lost your car keys, they are able to provide a replacement car key, more often than not they are also able to do this at your home, office or wherever you and your car are stuck. By ensuring you use a reputable locksmith you are giving yourself the chance to have high-quality work done for a competitive price. We strongly believe locksmiths are the most cost-effective and time-efficient choice when it comes to getting a new car key.

Find A Reputable Locksmith

Going back to our original point, we strongly believe keeping your car keys safe at all times is the best option, with having a spare or a backup key a close second. Both of these options require minimal effort and zero spend. But should the time arise where you have officially lost your car keys, we say officially cause sometimes they are just left somewhere and found a day or so later, then get in touch with Kent Car Keys. Without doubt the best way to get a new car key as a replacement for the one you lost is by finding a reputable locksmith. Kent Car Keys has all the necessary skills to carry out a car key replacement service, including coming to you, and offering car key programming. To find out more get in touch with the team today. We will assist in any way we can.

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