There is nothing more stressful than needing to be out the door and in the car and realising you can’t find your car keys. You search every place you can think of and more often than not you will find them, but what happens if you don’t? First things first, try not to panic, easier said than done but also it won’t help your lost keys magically appear. Make sure to double, triple check all the last places you could have had them and also with anyone else who accesses your car, make sure they don’t have them in their pocket.

Are You Insured?

When you have decided that your keys are definitely lost, take a look at your insurance policy, does it cover lost car keys? More often than not insurers will cover lost car keys, but only for the named policy holder, if a friend or family member has lost them, they may not be willing to help you. Car key cover is one of those sections of car insurance policies that most people don’t check, but it will come in handy should you need it. Once you have found out whether or not your insurance policy will help with lost car keys, you can go from there. If the answer is yes, then we recommend going through your insurer. It is what you pay insurance for, when you need help. If your insurer does not cover it then, Kent Car Keys is on hand to come to your rescue.

What Happens Next?

When you have lost your car keys, you need someone to come and help get you to access back into your car as soon as possible, as drivers we forget sometimes how much we all heavily rely on a car that can get us from A to B whenever we need to get somewhere. When you have lost your keys you become stuck. More often than not there will be a spare car key lying around, so it might not be quite an emergency. But if you don’t have a spare key hidden away somewhere safe, you will need a locksmith. 

Finding a company that can offer roadside assistance for lost car keys would be the best port of call, we recommend this because they are equipped with supplying new car keys at your home for nearly all makes and models. A lost car key replacement can sound daunting, but if you find a company such as Kent Car Keys that offer the assistance you need, wherever you need them, they will get the job done.

Lost Car Keys Are Replaceable!

One of the things to try and not do is panic, the situation may seem like it requires panicking, but it is easily fixed. All you need are new keys. Finding a reputable locksmith can be the difference between shoddy work or high quality, we would always recommend doing your research and ensuring the company you choose has your best interests in mind. Kent Car Keys is one of the most reputable locksmith companies in Kent, so should you need help from a company that can offer vehicle entry, cutting replacement car keys and car key transponder programming, they are your first port of call for any lost car key needs you have. Alongside offering 24 hour emergency lost key services they have all the skills necessary to make you a new key that will work every time! Get in touch with their team today, here.

Our Top Tips For Lost Keys

  • DO NOT panic
  • Search for your lost car keys and then search again
  • Check your insurance, do they cover lost car keys?
  • Find a reputable locksmiths 
  • Book your appointment 

Following these top tips in order will ensure you go through the right steps when you have lost your car keys, we know it will be stressful and could cause inconveniences to your day. But, there is always a team on standby waiting to come and help. With lost car key replacement, it can sometimes take a few hours, but with specialist car keys they can take a few days. Companies like ours, Kent Car Keys, will work hard to ensure you receive your new key as soon as possible, we want to get you back behind the wheel and on your way as soon as we can. Get in touch today, we will be able to help replace your lost car key! 

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